What I’ve been doing; or, what if you start a project and it kinda takes off but doesn’t; or, what if it seems like you abandoned your own thing; or, integrating new practices; or, Day 36 to Day 64

– For the first 5 weeks or so of 2017, I committed a whole lot to my #100DaysOfHealthing repo. The project buzzed around my head, I set up my work computer to launch Git Bash every day when I logged in, and folks that I admire even added me to their own projects. And then hey look at that, it was February, and a lot of good things were happening in my personal life–health things shaking out, finances slowly but kinda surely improving, meditating every day (not just three minutes at a time, but 10 minutes, even!

100 Days of Healthing

What’s this, now? Inspired by 100DaysofCode, 100 Days of Healthing is a challenge to spend an hour a day, for 100 days, working on your health & self care. It’s permission to give yourself an hour a day. And we’re all here with you. Why do you hate 100 Days of Code? Oh my goodness, that’s so not true! I don’t. I think it’s a fabulous concept, super motivating, something I want to do (maybe for the second 100 days of 2017?